Thank you for visiting our ‘About Us’ page, where rather than featuring the usual corporate speak and mission statements, we’ll try and provide a condensed version of our 65+ years in business from formation to present day.

Actually, our story really started in the 1920’s with the birth in the predominantly Mining village of Fitzwilliam in the West Riding of Yorkshire, of James Meredith. Like the majority of other boys there, he was destined to become a Miner until his father managed to persuade a Leeds based Office Equipment Dealer to give him a 5 year apprenticeship, training to become a qualified typewriter mechanic.

Three years into it, saw its interuption by the 2nd World War, but now with a mechanical aptitude, he enlisted into the RAF as a Spitfire fighter plane engineer and met his future wife whilst briefly stationed at Leconfield in East Yorkshire. Following a posting to North Africa and his eventual de-mob in 1947, he married, completed his apprenticeship and as a fully qualified office machine mechanic, set up on his own in 1949, trading as Humberside Typewriter Maintenance Company. (Well before the County of Humberside came and went!)

From those humble and often difficult early years, the fledgling business grew from a Front-Room operation, through a number of Shop premises and eventually to its present spacious commercial building with its showroom, offices and warehouse now all under one roof.

Throughout its history, the slow but steady growth saw the introduction of a variety of additional products and services, with Supplies for office machines, being the forerunner to today’s Stationery section, followed over subsequent years, with moves into duplicating (now printing) photocopiers/fax machines and furniture, eventually setting up its own Office Furniture factory in 1989, (next door) allowing the production of both standard and bespoke products, sold locally as well as throughout the UK via a network of Trade dealerships.

This manufacturing business, along with the later creation of a specialist Janitorial products company, saw the emergence of the current trading name, the Meredith Group.

In all its years of quiet growth, determined to be a comprehensive supplier of all manner of affordable Business Products, whilst retaining its core values of delivery at the best possible prices and with a warm, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable approach, it never forgets its early struggles and all of its staff are equally passionate in their constant support of numerous local and National Charity organisations, with the company and many of its individuals represented as Trustees and Directors on the Boards of a wide section of charitable operations.

We don’t just simply TAKE CARE of it all, we TAKE PRIDE in doing it ……..